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Postgraduate MSc Degree in Applied Physics with specialization in Environmental Physics


During the first two semesters, the student has to complete successfully five compulsory specialization courses: Solar and terrestrial radiation – Atmospheric Thermodynamics , Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Methods and instrumentation in environmental measurements – Computational Methods, Numerical Methods - Applications to Geophysical Fluids, Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry and six elective specialization courses from the thirteen offered:Atmospheric Dynamics, Synoptic Meteorology, Urban Environmental Physics, Building energy design, Climate - Climate Variations, Physical Oceanography, Principles and applications of Remote Sensing, Cloud Physics and Mesoscale Convective Systems, Land – air – sea Interactions, Environmental Management, Atmospheric modeling, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology - Hydrology, Physics of the Middle and Upper Atmosphere.

The duration of postgraduate studies leading to the Degree of Specialization in Environmental Physics is three semesters and the maximum allowed duration is four semesters.

Attendance to these courses is mandatory. Successful completion of each course requires the mark 6 out of 10 at the examinations.

In addition to these courses and during the third semester, the student should undertake individually a research project leading to a postgraduate thesis, which is evaluated by a three member committee. The final evaluation of the research thesis is responsibility of the Section of Environmental Physics - Meteorology.

A faculty member is assigned as the tutor to each student upon entering the postgraduate program. The tutor follows the progress of the student and approves the courses selected by the student.

The graduate students in order to obtain their Postgraduate Degree in Physics with Specialization in Environmental Physics are required to successfully complete three semesters (full-time) or 6 semesters (part-time) that correspond to a total 90 ECTS.


COURSES (Until 2016-2017)