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Section of Condensed Matter Physics


The research carried out in the Section of Condensed Matter Physics comprises a broad range of experimental and theoretical topics and activities, many of which involve collaborations with universities and research centers in Greece and abroad, in the general areas of:

Semiconducting Materials and Devices
• Infrared Spectroscopy of Point Defects
• Electrical and Optoelectronic Properties of Semiconductors
• Aging Mechanisms in Devices
• Low-dimensional Semiconductors
• Charge Transport in Amorphous Semiconductors

Strongly Correlated Materials
• Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Spintronics
• Statistical Physics and Critical Phenomena
• Superconductivity
• Hybrid Multifunctional Materials
• Inorganic Non Metallic Materials: Synthesis, Structural Characterization, Electrical and Magnetic Properties

Nanostructured and Soft Matter
• Photonic and Phononic Nanostructures, Metamaterials
• Novel Materials of Carbon
• Dielectric Spectroscopy of Polymers and Biological Materials
• Liquid Crystals
• Electrical and Optical Properties of Low-dimensional Biological and Inorganic Structures

Physics of Complex Systems
• Physics of Solid Earth Crust
• Electromagnetic Phenomena During Breakage of Crystalline Materials
• Thermodynamics of Systems far from Equilibrium
• Propagation of Electromagnetic Signals in Heterogeneous Media
• Extreme Phenomena by Terms of Complexity