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The Department of Physics consists of five Sections where the human resources, as well as the teaching and the research activities of the Department are allocated:

• Condensed Matter Physics
• Nuclear and Particle Physics
• Astrophysics, Astronomy and Mechanics
• Environmental Physics and Meteorology
• Electronic Physics and Systems

In the Department of Physics the following Laboratories operate:

• Laboratory of Physics "Caesar D. Alexopoulos"
• Laboratory of Computers and Informatics
• Laboratory of Mechanics and Design
• Laboratory of Solid State Physics
• Laboratory of Nuclear Physics
• Laboratory of Astronomy
• Laboratory of Astrophysics
• Gerostathopoulion University Observatory
• Laboratory of Meteorology
• Laboratory of Physical Electronics

Additionally, associated with the Department, are the following University Research Institutes:

• Institute of Accelerating Systems and Applications (IASA)
• Solid Earth Physics Institute (SEPI)

The Department offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate studies and awards Doctoral Degrees.