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The current program of undergraduate studies in the Department of Physics (implemented in the academic year 2011-12), has been the result of considerable reform and modernization, bringing it fully in line with contemporary major trends in both teaching and research.

Physics has always been considered the cornerstone of scientific development. Nowadays, it underpins a breadth of disparate scientific disciplines, while it continues to be indispensable in helping us understand the world around us. It challenges our imagination and develops our deepest thinking with profound concepts, such as quantum mechanics, relativity and string theory. It also leads to technologies essential for our lives, such as machines, computers, lasers and sustainable energy products.

Our undergraduate program has been set up with a dual aim: On one hand, to expose our students to the in-depth study of the world, from galaxies to subatomic particles, providing them with versatile analytical and problem-solving skills. On the other hand, to help them develop a broader perspective to problems, not necessarily bound by context, so that they can be valuable in any scientific field. Indeed, following the completion of their studies in physics, many of our students have thrived in engineering, computer science, medicine, biology, management, finance, law, etc.

Our Department assigns Advisors to the students, with the benefit of their professional guidance throughout their undergraduate studies.