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Department of Physics


The Department of Physics awards a unified Doctorate Degree in Physical Sciences, which certifies the development of original scientific research and the substantial contribution of its holder to the evolution of knowledge in a branch of physics.

Holders of a postgraduate degree (MSc) in physics or related fields are eligible for applying to the PhD program. Applications are accepted any time during the academic year.

The selection of candidates is made by the Assembly of the Department of Physics, following a recommendation from the Doctoral Studies Committee of the Department and the Sections in the corresponding scientific fields. A three-member Advisory Committee, one of them being appointed as the Thesis Supervisor, is nominated for each PhD student.

The PhD candidates are obligated to renew their enrollment in the Department of Physics during the first month of each academic year. Additionally, they are required to orally present and submit a detailed report on the progress of their research work each year to the Advisory Committee. The committee subsequently submits an annual progress report to the Department of Physics.

The minimum duration of the doctorate program is three (3) full calendar years, starting from the date of the assignment of the Advisory Committee by the Department. The maximum duration of the PhD studies is six (6) years with a possible extension by one (1) year in very special circumstances.

The doctorate thesis is written in a language approved by the Department. In case the language of the thesis is not Greek, a comprehensive summary must also be submitted in the Greek language.

Following its formal approval and recommendation by the Advisory Committee and the completion of the doctorate candidate's obligations, the doctoral thesis is defended in public by the candidate before a seven-member Examination Board, assigned by the Department. The doctorate thesis is evaluated as: Excellent, Very Good, Good and Not Accepted by the Examination Board.

Completed PhD theses are available for viewing in the National Archive of PhD Theses and the Institutional Repository "PERGAMOS".