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Department of Physics


Nowadays more than ever, the study of physics is not limited to acquiring knowledge and understanding deep concepts and principles of nature. Indeed, a key aim of an education in physics is the highlighting of the importance of fundamental knowledge in physics in the rapidly evolving world of science, where specialization is coupled with interdisciplinarity, resulting in the evolution of science and even the genesis of new scientific fields.

The new, reformed curriculum, which was approved by the Physics Department and the NKUA Senate, is deployed beginning with the 2021-22 academic year. As expected from an internationally renowned Physics Department, the curriculum aims at providing students with a thorough, multifaceted and rigorous scientific training in physics, which remains to this day the most fundamental discipline. Beyond the importance of physics in the evolution of science and modern technology, a physics education, which includes extensive quantitative problem solving, provides a strong background for other scientific pursuits and professional career fields.