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Department of Physics


The governing bodies of the Department are the Chair, the Management Board and the Assembly of the Department. The Chair of the Department, who is elected by the faculty of the Department, chairs the Management Board and the Departmental Assembly, and represents the Department in the Board of the Dean of the School of Science and in the University Senate.

The Management Board consists of the Chair and the Vice Chair of the Department, the Directors of the Sections and one representative of the combined three categories of special staff (special teaching staff, laboratory teaching staff and special technical staff).

The Assembly of the Department consists of thirty (30) faculty members elected by the Sections for a one-year term, the Chair, the Vice Chair, the Section Directors, representatives of the undergraduate and postgraduate students at a rate of 15% of the Assembly, and three (3) representatives, one per category of special staff, i.e., special teaching staff, the laboratory teaching staff and the special technical staf, who are elected along with their alternates for a one-year term.

  • Chair: Professor H. E. Nistazakis
  • Vice Chair: Professor P. Sphicas