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Department of Physics


The Department of Physics is located within the School of Science complex, in a five-section (I, II, III, IV, V) and five-level  (-12, -8, -4, 0, +4) building, as shown in the figure below, in the University Campus (Panepistimioupoli) - Zografou. The central entrance, near the Zografou gate, is located in level -12.


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  • Building Superintendent: Christos Kyrkos

  • Building Vice Superintendent: Nikolaos Kaltsounidis

Postal address:
University Campus, 157 84 Zografou, Athens

Secretariat opening hours:
Monday-Wednesday-Friday 12:00 - 14:00
Tel: 210 727 6799, -6803, -6745, -6990, -6754, -6825
e-mail: secr[at]phys.uoa[dot]gr

  • Secretary: Eftychia Zografaki-Toga

Google map for access to the Department of Physics

Access by Public Transportation

There are several options for accessing the University Campus and the Physics Department using public transport:

From the metro and bus stop “Evangelismos”, using one of the following buses and getting off at their terminal stop located at the main entrance of the Univerity Campus. The Physics Department is within walking distance (800 m, uphill):
220: Ano Ilisia-Akadimia
221: Panepistimioupoli-Akadimia
235: Zografou-Akadimia

Also departing from the “Evangelismos” stop, taking one of the following two buses that enter into the University Campus and disembarking at the stop "Physics", which is a short 100 m from the Department:
250: Panepistimioupoli-St. Evaggelismos
E90: Peiraias-Panepistimioupoli

Taking one of the following buses, getting off at their terminal stop, which is close to the second entrance to the campus from the Zografou side , at a distance of 350 m from the Physics Department:
608: Galatsi-Akadimia-Nekr. Zografou
230: Akropoli-Zografou 

The final option is to take the following bus, getting off at its terminal stop, which is close to the third entrance to the campus from the Kaisariani side, at a distance of 1250 m from the Physics Department:
224: Kaisariani-El. Venizelou

Access by Car

There is access from the three gates of the campus. The gates of Kaisariani and Zografos are open on weekdays from 7:00 to 10:00 and  from 14:30 to 17:30. The main gate on the Olof Palme Avenue is open every day and all hours.