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Department of Physics


The Postgraduate program commences during the Winter semester of the Academic Year. Ninety (90) Credit Units (ECTS) are required to obtain the Postgraduate Diploma. Each specialization has three (3) compulsory courses, which are taught in the 1st semester, one course compulsory choice between the two (2) electronics courses and optional courses. The courses of the specialization on Electronics and Radioelectrology are given below. The ECTS of each course are also given in the tables. For all courses: the attendance/practice hours of each are three (3) per week including any tutorials and/or laboratory exercises. The postgraduate thesis is compulsory and consists of two sections: "Section I" corresponds to six (6) ECTS and "Section II" twelve (12) ECTS.


Semester A'

182013 6Principles of Languages and Programming Techniques
1810236Communication Networks
1820236 Data Structures and Algorithms
-36Selection from:
18104 - Design of Analogue and Digital Electronic Circuits
18203 - Digital Systems and Computer Architecture

plus 1 elective course of the winter semester.



Semester B'

1820436Object Oriented Programming
1820536Internet Applications
1820636Advanced Topics in Information and Computer Systems
1820736Advanced digital circuit design
1820836Control Systems Ι
1820936Digital Signal Processing Systems
1821636Operating Systems
1829236Special Topics II
 36Elective Course from Electronics and Radioelectrology Ι
 -6Dissertation - Part Ι


Semester C'

1811336Software defined networks
1821036Development and Evaluation of Parallel Applications
1821236Parallel & Distributed Systems
1821336Control Systems II
1821436Multimedia Systems
1821536Big Data Analytics Techniques
 36Βάσεις Δεδομένων
1829136Special Topics I
1829336Special Topics III
-36Elective Course from Electronics and Radioelectrology ΙΙ
 -12Dissertation - Part ΙI