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Department of Physics


The process of selecting textbooks is done through the online service EUDOXUS. Visiting the site, students can be informed about the suggested textbooks for the courses of the Department of Physics.

To use the eudoxus site students should visit, select "Φοιτητές" and "Επιλογή Συγγραμμάτων", and enter their username and password for my-studies.

All curriculum courses and their corresponding textbooks are listed. For each textbook, a preview of the cover, table of contents and an excerpt is provided.

Students are entitled to select textbooks corresponding to courses in which they are enrolled by entering a mobile phone number and e-mail.

Selecting  "Επιβεβαίωση", a unique personal PIN code is sent to the mobile phone number or e-mail account.

With this personal PIN and student ID, students can visit the book distribution points and pick up the textbooks they have requested.

It is noted that, if the verification process by the EUDOXUS service and the Department’s Secretariat indicates that textbooks have been obtained without concurrent registration in the respective courses (through my-studies), then these should be returned promptly.